8 Safety Tips For Carbon Dioxide Tanks In Restaurants

When there is an issue with your carbon dioxide tanks, your customers will immediately know. Tank issues can cause drinks to be flat and foamy. It can even present a safety hazard. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while working with carbon dioxide tanks. 

  1. Store and secure the tanks in the upright position. Keeping the tanks in the upright position helps to prevent leakage. It also helps to prevent staff from stacking other items on the tank, which can put too much pressure on it. 
  2. Never throw tanks. During a rush at your restaurant, staff might be tempted to toss or throw tanks out of the way while changing to a new one. If the tank is dropped, an explosion could result. Ensure that staff are properly trained on carrying and storing used tanks.
  3. Check the dates on all tanks. If the Department of Transport test date has passed, do not use the tank. Once the test date passes, the gas inside could be unstable and cause an explosion.
  4. Ensure there is proper ventilation. Exhaust from the tank needs to have the room necessary to exit from the lowest level. At the same time, there needs to be enough space for good air to enter the area through the higher level to help keep the exhaust from building up.
  5. Increase the lighting. Your staff needs proper lighting to see all components of the carbon dioxide tank, including the regulator's shutoff valve, while handling it. 
  6. Educate your staff on physical symptoms of exposure. Physical symptoms, such as headaches and difficulty breathing, could be a sign that there is a leak in the tank. Your staff needs to know to turn the shutoff valve immediately. 
  7. Inspect the tank on a regular basis. Check the tank daily to ensure that the connections are secure and that there are no signs of problems. Problems, such as smoke or fog coming from the tank and a loud hissing noise, need to be checked by a professional immediately.
  8. Install a carbon dioxide detector. Due to the serious health risks associated with carbon dioxide leaks, it is important to have a detector wall-mounted near the tanks. Check the detectors on a regular basis to ensure they are properly functioning. 

Work with your carbon dioxide dealer to find other ways to ensure the safety of your staff while working with the tanks. Regular maintenance and good safety practices can protect your workers, customers, and restaurant. To learn more, contact a company like Terry Supply Co