FAQ About A Problematic Air Dryer

Has the air dryer used in your warehouse been problematic lately? If you are unsure if the air dryer should be repaired or replaced, there are a few signs that you can look for to give you a general idea. Take a look at this article for a list of questions that you should ask yourself before investing in a new air dryer.

Do You Hear a Lot of Noise?

If you hear a noise during the loading cycle of the compressor, it is likely a leak in the purge valve control. For instance, the O-ring might be damaged and unable to prevent air from leaking out. It is possible that the turbo cutoff valve is leaking and causing noise, which also points to a problematic purge valve. Getting the purge valve assembly repaired or replaced might be all that is needed to make the noise go away.

Does Your Air Dryer Cycle More Than Usual?

When an air dryer continuously cycles, it can point to several problems. However, one of the common causes of constant cycling is an excessive leakage of air. The service brake system of the air dryer is typically where a leak that causes excessive cycling is located, and it might be necessary for it to be replaced. However, a minor repair might be all that is needed if some of the fittings are loose and simply need to be retightened. The hoses might also be damaged and need to be replaced to stop the leak.

Has the Safety Valve Been Popping Off?

If the safety valve won't stop popping off, it might be broken. A contractor can replace a damaged safety valve without you needing to replace the entire air compressor. The safety valve can also pop off when there is a malfunctioning governor line. A simple repair or replacement of the line might be the only repair that is necessary.

Is There a Lack of System Air Pressure?

An air dryer that is unable to build up a sufficient amount of pressure points to problematic inlet and outlet lines. Basically, the lines may not be installed right, such as in a reverse order. Getting the inlet and outlet connections reinstalled might fix the air pressure problem. A faulty check valve can also lead to air pressure problems, but it can likely be repaired. Speak to a contractor about your problematic air dryer so he or she can determine if it can be repaired.

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