Why You Should Never Buy Portable Concrete Mixers Sight Unseen in Certain Situations

There are several ways in which you can buy portable concrete mixers and acquire them for your business. However, most of these ways require you to purchase the mixers "sight unseen," and that is not a good idea for this type of equipment. Here are several reasons why you should not buy concrete mixers sight unseen from the following sales and supply locations.

From Online Auctions

Sure, you can get a fantastic price on a concrete mixer via an online auction, but do you really know what you are getting? You have only the pictures, the description, and the words of the sellers to go on. Since auction sites are all "buyer beware" and "buy at your own risk," and you cannot verify the functionality of the mixer you want because you cannot see it in person, you may want to rethink this option.

From Distances Too Far Away to Drive to on any Given Day

When a contractor goes out of business and advertises that they have equipment like this for sale, buying from the contractor may be another good way to get what you need. However, if you are not willing to drive to the mixer and check it out, do not buy it in earnest over the phone. Definitely do not agree to buy it using any virtual form of payment either. A good rule of thumb is that if the concrete mixer is too far away to drive to so you can check it out, you should avoid snapping it up just because it seems like a good deal. Granted, the mixer may be in very good condition, but until you can see it and test it out (i.e., make sure the tumbler moves fluidly and the controls all work), steer clear of this type of impulse purchase on this particular kind of equipment. Instead, shop closer to home so you can see and test the mixers before you buy them.

From Industrial Equipment and Supply Auctions That Do Not Allow Pre-Auction Inspections

Most auctions will allow a pre-auction inspection of the items for sale. While this is a perfectly good way to acquire a concrete mixer at an excellent price, just make sure you can inspect the mixers that interest you the most. If the auctioneer and owner have only listed the industrial equipment and supplies and will not be allowing pre-auction inspections, skip these auctions and wait for the ones that will allow you to check out the merchandise before the auction starts.