Four Tips For Making Your Business Greener

For most companies, making money is the biggest priority. Increasing sales and decreasing costs are always important for a company's bottom line. While saving the environment may not be on the top of your list, it can offer your company many benefits. In fact, making your business greener may improve your relationship with your community and customers, increase the productivity of your staff, and help your company save money. Even though you could possibly gain all these benefits, you are helping the environment at the same time. It does not matter what size your company is. Even small companies can make changes to become a greener company.

Engage Power Management

Most companies have at least one computer if not several. When the computer is shut down and turned on every day, it is using power that it does not need to use. One way to avoid this is by putting your computer in sleep mode when you are done with it. This prevents the need to power up the computer every morning. While most monitors will go automatically into sleep mode when not in use, you actually have to put the computer in sleep mode manually. In doing so, you could end up saving $10 to $100 per computer. For a company with hundreds of computers, this could be a significant savings. 

Use Post-Consumer Waste

One easy way to make your company greener is by switching to post-consumer waste. Packaging materials are typically used for their purpose and then thrown away, causing them to fill the landfills with waste. To help avoid this, you should consider investing in a cardboard box shredder. This way you can reuse all those cardboard boxes that would normally be thrown away for packing materials. Doing this allows you to protect your products and save the environment all at once. 

Sign Up for Green Power

Another way to make your company greener is to talk to your local utility provider about signing up for green power. This means your company will have to purchase this green power. The green power comes from sources like solar, wind, plant matter, and more. This may increase your energy bills since you are having to pay for the green power. This can be offset by utilizing the other tips in this article. 

Encourage Green Transportation

Every vehicle on the road burns more and more fossil fuels while putting out emissions. As a company, you have the power to encourage your employees to opt for greener transportation by sharing rides or riding a bike to work. By explaining your commitment to the environment, your employees will be aware of your motives and encouraged to participate.