Make Your Home More Sophisticated With These Small Changes

After living in your house for such a long time, you might look around and decide you want to freshen up the place and make it look more sophisticated and modern. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do yourself if you're up to a few projects. Here are some home changes you can try.

Buy New Casing and Corner Blocks for Doors and Windows

If you look along the bottom of the walls in each room, you are likely to see some trim. However, to upgrade, you can use decorative casing and corner blocks. Casing, another name for trim, can be acquired in dark, elegant wood tones that can run the length of the wall. In the corners, leave a space for corner blocks, which are special blocks that fit snugly in the corner. These blocks can be imprinted with flowers and other designs.

If you don't have the time to tackle all the walls in your home, you can change out the casing around certain windows in your home, putting an ornate corner block at each corner. This will give your window a dramatic, rich-looking appearance. Talk to a professional like Classy Corners LLC to find the right blocks for your home.

Put on a New Coat of Colored Paint

If you are like a lot of people, when you moved in your walls were white, and you never saw any reason to change that. White seems to flatter furniture and furnishings of all types, so you probably considered the white walls to be a suitable backdrop. However, if you want to make the spaces in your house more lively, you'll need a splash of color.

Color can affect your mood, so be thoughtful when picking your choices. Purple is the immediate choice if you want to create a luxurious, sophisticated space, as the color is associated with luxury and creativity.  You might select yellow for an overall feeling of happiness, while green is a choice to make if you want a fresh, tranquil feeling in a room.

Change Drawer Pulls

If you've got old drawer pulls or handles on your cabinets and drawers in the kitchen or bathroom, it might be time to upgrade them. Making a change from wood to glass knobs can give the entire room a new, classy look. Shiny stainless steel pulls can make the room seem modern.

Make some of the changes in this article and you'll soon change the attitude of the rooms in your home. Your home can seem more sophisticated and modern without much work at all.