Vacuum-Sealing Versus Lots of Preservatives: Why You Should Prefer Food-Processing Bags to Having Chemicals in Your Food

Many food-processing plants will use one or both methods of food preservation, which includes the use of food preservatives and the use of vacuum-sealing in food-processing bags. If you make any sort of food at home, such as your own sausage or your own pre-cooked bags of veggies, you will find that vacuum-sealing is preferable to preservatives. Here is why, as well as why you should stock up on vacuum-sealing bags and a home vacuum sealer.

Vacuum-Sealed Foods Require No Preservatives

Chemical preservatives and high amounts of sodium are used to keep food from spoiling. Unfortunately, they also alter the original flavors of the food, which then requires that additional natural and artificial flavorings be added. If you vacuum-seal your food, you do not need any preservatives at all, not even salt. The food is completely natural, and it is healthier. The vacuum in the bag kills off and controls bacteria that would otherwise cause the food to spoil.

Vacuum-Sealed Foods Stored in a Freezer Will Never Get Freezer Burn

The tiniest hole in food packaging results in freezer burn, the loss of moisture in your food. This makes the food completely inedible, and in some cases, it can even make you very sick. When you vacuum-seal your food, even steaks and veggies you bought from the store, it cannot get freezer burn because there is no way to puncture the tightly-sealed plastic and expose the food to the freezer's chilly environment. You could essentially store vacuum-sealed foods indefinitely, but one to three years is the suggested time frame for most foods stored in a freezer using vacuum-sealing methods.

Meanwhile, no amount of preservatives will ever prevent freezer burn. You could salt the daylights out of a pound of hamburger, but if it is left exposed in the slightest in your freezer, it will get freezer burn. When that happens, you will need to toss all of the affected food into the garbage.

Stocking Up on Food-Processing Bags and a Vacuum-Sealing Machine Could Save You Money

When you consider how much healthier and how much more cost-effective vacuum sealing is, getting a vacuum-sealing machine and all of the food-processing bags that go with it can save you quite a bit of money every year. How? By eating healthier, you are cutting back on all of the salt, sodium, and chemical preservatives that are not good for your body, which means you will spend less money on doctor's visits and prescription medications. By preserving food in vacuum-sealed bags, you can store more food for longer and more safely, which means you can stock up when you are flush with cash but still have plenty to eat when money is tight. You can even vacuum-seal leftovers!