Safety Features To Look For In Heavy-Duty Storage Bins For Your Warehouse

In a warehouse setting, the hustle and bustle of daily business can mean a lot of potential for accidents, even accidents associated with the seemingly harmless objects. Heavy-duty storage bins are the perfect example. Even though these containers are an all-out must for storage in your place of business, they can also contribute to workplace dangers. When you are in the process of tracking down the best storage bins for your warehouse, make sure you take the time to narrow down choices by looking for bins which boast the following safety features. 

Hinged Lids

When you see heavy-duty storage bins with attached lids, you will likely be thinking more about the convenience of the lids being attached than the safety provided. What most warehouse or business owners fail to realize, however, is that a loose lid can easily be a safety hazard. If a lid gets tossed aside or left in the floor, this could be a safety hazard for employees on foot because it means danger of causing a slip, trip, or fall. If the storage bins have hinged lids, they will stay rightly and safely in place no matter how busy things get so this will never be a concern. 

Easy-Grip Handles or Hand Indentions

A storage bin that does not offer a good place to grip can mean employees will have to struggle to pick it up or move it around on a shelf, which is never a good thing. If a bin is filled with heavy items, lack of control on the bin can lead to everything from back injuries to losing balance and causing a fall. Look for bins that boast ample indentions to be gripped or protruding handles that allow the hands of employees to securely grasp the receptacle during the workday. 

Brightly-Colored Features

You may not want a storage bin that is solid neon orange or safety yellow, but investing in bins that have some brightly colored features is a good idea. This is especially true if the bins will be stored in areas where lighting is low, such as on deep pallet racking or shelving systems. If the bins blend in with the surroundings, it will be much more likely that an employee inadvertently bumps into a bin or strikes their hand when reaching for one. Storage bins that have a bright lid or bottom will be much easier to see and less likely to be associated with an incident. 

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