Having A Dumpster Delivered To Your Rental Property? Get Prepared With These Simple Steps

There is no doubt about it, having a large receptacle to place trash and debris during rental property cleanup is a huge convenience. Instead of making endless trips to the local waste management company to drop off loads of junk, you have the convenience of having a place to stow away all of the trash, which in most cases, is all you need until the project is complete. If you are planning to rent a dumpster for your next rental property cleanup project, it is a good idea to know how to get prepared for the service. Here is a list of simple steps you should follow to ensure your dumpster rental experience goes smoothly. 

Check local ordinances and regulations about dumpster usage. 

If the rental property is in an urban area or even in a subdivision or organized community, there could be local ordinances and regulations in place that govern how, when, and where a dumpster can be used or placed on the property. In some instances, you will only be allowed to position the dumpster in the driveway, not on or near a sidewalk or curbside. You may even be required to pay for a permit that allows you to keep the dumpster in place for a certain length of time. Knowing these local standards will ensure you will not be facing any issues when you do have the dumpster delivered. 

Clear the delivery area for the delivery driver. 

The truck that hauls dumpsters for the waste management company are quite large and will need ample space to set the receptacle up on your property. If the area around the home is cluttered with patio furniture, trash, or other items, you should clear out most of the area before the scheduled dumpster delivery. Otherwise when the driver arrives, they will have to wait on the area to be cleared before they have room to place the trash receptacle in place. 

Make sure there is a sturdy place for dumpster setup. 

Dumpsters on their own are not typically extremely heavy. However, once the waste receptacle is filled with trash and debris when the project is underway, it can weigh tons and could be prone to sinking if the ground is too soft. For this reason, most dumpster rental companies will require that you have a stable place to situate the dumpster. A gravel drive, paved patio, or other solid surface is always best, but you could also set up a stable area with a sheet of metal in the yard or a large piece of plywood next to the house.