3 Things To Know About Renting A Portable Boiler Room

If the boiler room at your business fails or needs to be repaired, you need to make sure that you have access to a working boiler so you can keep your business running. Shutting down your business to fix or upgrade a boiler can be an expensive experiment. Renting a portable boiler room will help ensure that you have access to the emergency boiler equipment that you need while you upgrade your own.

Portable Boiler Units Are Self-Contained

One of the biggest advantages of renting a portable boiler room over a portable boiler is that the entire system is self-contained inside of one "room" or trailer. You do not have to wheel a new broiler into your facility, set it up, then take it down and remove it when you are ready to put your boilers back online. You do not have to install and de-install a boiler system.

With a portable boiler room, all of the elements of an entire boiler room are already set-up in a self-contained environment for you. Everything is already piped and connected together; you don't have to worry about that at all when your boiler room arrives.

Portable boiler rooms contain a feed water treatment system, storage and pumping capabilities, fuel handling equipment, the right electrical switchgear equipment, and of course a boiler with a burner.

All Connects Are External

With a portable boiler room, all of the connections should be located close together on the outside of the unit, making it easy for you to connect the water, fuel, and electricity to the boiler system and get the boiler system working online with your existing system; this will ensure that you have access to hot water and high capacity steam that you need to resume normal business operations.

Access to Engineering Staff

Even when everything is set up in as easy a manner as possible, it can still be a feet to connect a portable boiler to your other systems when your regular boiler needs to be fixed or replaced. That is why most boiler rental companies will provide you with access to full-time engineering staff who can help you plan out your project to ensure that the rental boilers you are borrowing are able to seamlessly integrate with your system and ensure that you don't lose any work time. A professional engineering team can help you work through any technical issues over the phone or on the ground to ensure that your rental works perfectly for your business needs.

When you rent a portable boiler room, you get the entire boiler system, from the electrical components to storage and fuel handling equipment, all wrapped up together in one neat package. All the connects are external and centrally located to make hooking up the portable boiler room to your systems as easy as possible. The process of hooking up the portable boiler room is made even easier with access to an engineering staff who can ensure that everything is set-up properly and safely, and work through any issues that arise with you. Renting a boiler can be a seamless experience for your business.